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Bored? Well... so are we! (most of the time xD) Feel free to hang around and learn bits and pieces of random (not necessarily useless) facts and fun stuff!

(4/17/2010) Persona 4 Anime Announced! (Yea, it's been a while! Sup people?)

(12/28/2010) Teletubbies VS Barney!

(12/20/2010) The World's First Sexual Predator

(12/20/2010) Defective Hollow Point Bullets Recalled!

(12/20/2010) The War Stories of a Not-So-Old Airsoft Veteran

(12/14/2010) Multiple Stabbing Wounds may be Harmful to Monkeys!

(12/14/2010) Best Desert Story Ever

(12/13/2010) Mainstream Music-A Real Ear Sore

(12/10/2010) Caffeine Myth Unraveled

(12/9/2010) Most Win Verification Image Ever.

(12/8/2010) Will Ferrell Videos

(12/8/2010) Why Both Naruto and Bleach Suck.

(12/4/2010) Salamanders

(12/4/2010) The Dangers Of BOBA (GASP)

(12/3/2010) Famous Amos Cookies

(11/30/2010) Skype

(11/27/2010) A Page Dedicated to ~XC~

(11/24/2010) Got Free Time? Bored?  Here are some Must-Watch TV Series!

(11/21/2010) What Goes On Inside My Head!

(11/19/2010) Interesting Passerby Conversations

(11/19/2010) Unripe Fruits are Poisonous

(11/19/2010) Donate to the Hungry

(11/19/2010) Fanfiction

(11/19/2010) Crazy Cat

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